In a world where technology and innovation collide with the needs of today’s cars, treating surfaces with Paint Protection Film (PPF) has become a necessity for their protection. Redis Printing and Avery Dennison offered an exclusive training for PPF in Tirana.

The training offered a combination of technical knowledge with practice based on the experience of professional trainers from Avery Dennison, where through hands-on demonstrations and specialist instruction, professionals provided the latest techniques and strategies in using PPF to protect and enhance the appearance of cars.

During training they learned how to apply Avery Dennison Supreme Paint Protection Films on all relevant vehicle parts, from the vehicle hood and bumper to the mirrors and more. They are taken theoretical and practical insights in the specific application methods with professional trainers from Avery Dennsion. Learned how to apply pre-cut templates on the vehicle safely and carefully and gain insights into special application techniques and taken tips and tricks from the experts.

What was learned and trained:

• Why use a PPF and where and how to apply

• Material properties

• Surface preparation

• Tools and Fluids

• Cutting techniques

• Application Bulk: Hood, bumper & mirror

• Trimming & finishing

• Application of PPF Templates

• Maintenance & understanding quality

• Application beyond vehicles

• Calculating material

Over this training was given sufficient time to practice and master the application and finishing techniques required to confidently enter the PPF application market. The advantages of this professional training was immediately evident, eliminating method and installation errors such as distortions of the adhesive, surface marks, bubbles, inclusions, and guaranteeing perfect alignment of the edges.
This exclusive training for PPF was not only an opportunity to learn, but also a way to share their experiences and strategies with other professionals, creating a strong network of collaboration.

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