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As the necessity for the relationship between part in creative and printing application, computer programs play a very important role for all providers printing services, as they help increase the efficiency, output and quality of results. Redi’s now offers programs Onyx,the largest company in the world print management technologies digital. Redi’s has on its staff two engineers trained not only for software installation, but also the preparation of ICC profiles, so necessary for profitable printing and quality. Redi’s offer ICC profiles not only for the brands of printers that represents.


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ONYX Graphics, Inc. helps companies improve their bottom line results by reducing printing costs and increasing productivity. ONYX develops and markets commercial printing software and solutions for the digital color printing marketplace. By combining color science, image processing and print production knowledge, ONYX delivers powerful, reliable printing workflow solutions.


ONYX AdvantageTM is a simple and  cost-effective way for Poster-shop and Production House users to
maintain their software.

1.Any driver, any time

2.More efficiency with the latest RIP updates

3.Includes major releases like Version X10

4.Includes major updates

5.No worries