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6 Tips to Help Keep Your Heat Press in Shape

Keep the working area clean & dust-free. Dust can be detrimental to a heat press machine, especially the electrical components. Using an air duster every six months is a good practice.

Protect the upper platen from inks & residue. Using an Upper Platen Cover and a Non-Stick Cover Sheet are the simplest ways to keep the platen clean. Both of these will protect the metal from any excess inks or adhesive from transfers.

Protect the lower platen from wear & tear. A Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector helps with this by covering the silicone pad that comes with all Hotronix® heat presses. In addition to protecting the platen, this cover will make threading garments much easier with its non-stick material. Both upper and lower platen covers can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Grease all exposed rods on the heat press. About once a year is a good timetable for this. Also, threaded pressure adjustment spindles, on manual units, can be lightly lubricated with high-temp lithium grease.

Use the original cord that came with the heat press. Other cords may fit your machine, but are unable to carry the voltage needed. To avoid fire and other safety hazards, do not put cords on or near hot surfaces. This may sound counter-intuitive since the heat press is quite hot. All we ask is you don’t put it on or near the heating element. Keep it plugged into the back of the unit, away from the heat.

Check for cold spots. Even heat is essential for proper application for all types of heat printing. Check yearly, or as needed for any heat inconsistencies. A machine test kit should be used for this purpose.

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