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UJF-7151 Plus II

Mimaki UJF-7151 Plus II

The UJF-7151 plusII is a high-performance UV inkjet printer model with high accuracy, high image quality, and high speed, and is a further improvement in quality and stability from the current model, the UJF-7151 plus, which offered high accuracy and high image quality in addition to class-leading productivity and stability.

It offers new expression with the color gloss function, high-definition printing at 1800 dpi, and the ability to automate workpiece transport with “Mimaki original MDL (Mimaki Device Language) commands”.

High productivity and high image quality are realized by installing 8 heads, 2 more than the current model.
The new “Color Gloss” function achieves a unique expression with a glossy feel.
Realizes high-definition printing at 1800 dpi.
Supports “MDL (Mimaki Device Language) commands” to automate the printing process.
Equipped with reliable Mimaki technology
Supports numbering and variable data insertion printing with “RasterLink7”.