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Etched Glass Film

Polymeric PVC (translucent, 80 µ) with clear solvent based acrylic adhesive (permanent), laminated on an one-sided claycoated silicone paper liner (120 g/m²). The PVC offers an excellent dimensional stability. Etched glass film for mid-to long-term window decoration. Coated with a solvent based pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, enabling wet application. Especially designed to create sand blasting and frosty effects when applied on glasses and mirrors. Additionally printable with solvent and eco-solvent based inkjet printers. Designed to be highly resistant to solvent ink aggression during printing process and to guarantee very good printing performance on any solvent and eco-solvent based ink-jet printer. Particularly suitable for application on flat, curved and slightly corrugated surfaces. No adhesive residue after removal, if correctly applied.