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Mpi 1104 / Supreme Wrapping Film Training

Supreme Wrapping Film has become a favorite tool for transforming cars into mobile works of art. Redis Printing and Avery Dennison offered an exclusive training in Tirana with the participation of two professional trainers where each participant was provided with an official certificate of participation from Avery.

The training offered a combination of technical knowledge with practice based on their long experience in the field. Through hands-on demonstrations and specialized instruction, trainers provided the latest techniques and strategies in using Wrapping Film to create custom designs and enhance car aesthetics.

1-day training for beginner or somewhat experienced professional in the field of sign-making, wrapping or conversion where during the training learned how to best prepare and clean substrates, how to effectively apply the films, which challenges you could face and how to handle them, and how to professionally perform all necessary finishing work to ensure a convincing result.

What was learned and trained:

  • The different categories of Self Adhesive films and their characteristics
  • Cleaning and surface preparation
  • Cutting techniques — basic flat
  • Squeegee Techniques
  • Corrugation feeding techniques
  • Basic 3D installations techniques

This exclusive training was not only an opportunity to learn, but also to develop skills and improve practices in using Mpi 1104 / Supreme Wrapping Film to create visual effects.

Through this collaboration Redis Printing and Avery Dennison are leading the way towards innovation in the automotive world to create outstanding designs and provide a great look for cars.

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