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DTF EVENT: Mimaki TxF150-75 Printer Innovation

On Friday, October 13, an exclusive event was organized to launch the Mimaki TxF150-75 DTF printer. This event took us on an exciting activity in the world of printed text technology, showing how this technology is transforming the first look and has created a personalized design in the text.

MIMAKI TxF150-75

Mimaki, a leading manufacturer expands its textile portfolio with the TxF150-75 (DTF), a printer designed for high-quality and customizable textile applications. Duke a mobile phone transfer is an ideal printer for premium personal product products, sportswear and various other promotional text applications.
DTF printing offers an easy and affordable process for decorating clothing, most commonly t-shirts. The design is first printed on a special transfer film, which is then sprayed with hot molten powder. Once heated and dry, the transfer sheet is ready to be applied to the fabric by touch up.

Unique features:

  • Package with degassed ink
    A design that has such an appearance, preventing them from having the print head and the defects extracted.
  • Circulation of white ink
    A technology that prevents in the ink pad, pigment sedimentation disease, by periodically circulating the ink within the printer’s ink path.
  • Nozzle drop-out detection
    Mimaki technologies that automatically check, detect and replace clogged nozzles, ensuring consistent image service and productivity while reducing downtime.
    A globally and internationally accepted standard, Buy from Mimaki for its PHT50 dyes, which guarantees the safety of textile products.
  • Rasterlink7 RIP software
    Mimaki’s RIP software, which combines usability and high performance, comes with DTF operation functions such as variable data printing and white shift positioning creation.

Exclusive experience

Redis Printing is a leading company in the printer industry and beyond, promoting innovation and information in every aspect of work. The event was for DTF printer an example of commitment to innovation and improvement of textile printing technology. For the whole event, it was a unique experience to get to know a new technology that will make this thing how they create their products.
The Mimaki TxF150-75 printer brings a new spirit with high-speed features and a contribution to the environment, where it is a partner for your creativity. This event from Redis Printing shows how technology can adapt and adapt to conditions like this positively in creating such design and personal designed products.

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