Project Details

Power Platen

Due to the increasing number of textiles on the market and their different chemical compositions, more and more textiles react sensitively to heat and pressure. Heating plates often leave marks on the surface of the textiles. To prevent this Hotronix® has now designed the Power Platen: A heatable, replaceable base plate that can be individually operated with a controller, can be heated up to max. 160°C. This means that the heat during pressing does not only come from above but also from below, which means that the pressing temperature can be reduced. This prevents marks from forming on heat-sensitive textiles during the pressing process. The softer base of the base plate under the heat-resistant protective cover additionally avoids marks. The plates are suitable for all heat press models except Clam Basic. Only use the Fusion IQ™ in combination with the Swing mode. The controller can be connected to the different power plates, so you only have to buy it once.