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CJV150 Series

Mimaki CJV150 Series

Silver ink creates high-value-added printing
・Newly developed SS21 silver ink delivers brilliant print results.
・The metallic color collection contains 648 colors.
Orange and light black inks ensure faithful color representation
・SS21 orange ink is suitable for representing the vibrancy of fresh foods as well as corporate color palettes.
・SS21 light black ink reproduces highly accurate grayscale printing with no unexpected color shifts and smooth grayscale gradation without tone-jump.
Mimaki’s superior print-image quality control technology
・Highly reliable inkjet technology optimizes waveform to achieve the precise placement of the ink droplets onto media.
・Three-way intelligent heater system optimizes the ink droplets size.
・MAPS3 reduces banding and uneven color printing.
Versatile print and cut functions
・The continuous register mark detection function enables the continuous cutting of a whole roll of media while simultaneously taking up unrolled media.
・The over-cut and corner-cut functions ensure clearly cut edges with no residues.
・The segment correction function facilitates precision cutting over longer-length prints.
・The cut-and-print function averts printing problems by cutting the media prior to printing.

Mimaki CJV150-75

Suitable for simple stickers and labels ・Max. Print / Cut Width:800 (31.5″)mm ・Max. Media Width:810 (31.9″)mm


Mimaki CJV150-107BS

Suitable for quick POPs and large-size posters ・Max. Print / Cut Width:1,090 (42.9″)mm ・Max. Media Width:1,100 (43.3″)mm

Mimaki CJV150-130

Suitable for variously sized signage and point-of-sale marketing materials ・Max. Print / Cut Width:1,361 (53.6″)mm ・Max. Media Width:1,371 (54.0″)mm

Mimaki CJV150-160

Suitable for cost effective production of large, high-quality signage and vehicle wrapping films ・Max. Print / Cut Width:1,610 (63.4″)mm ・Max. Media Width:1,620 (63.8″)mm