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Hotronix® Sports Ball Heat Press

This press enables you to refine most inflatable sports balls, including footballs, basketballs and handballs, in just a few simple steps. Even an American football can be given a logo, player name or number in the Hotronix Sports Ball Heat Press.

The ball press has a digital temperature and time display with twin timer function. The specially shaped heating plate fits all ball sizes and shapes. An adjustable ball holder system ensures that the pressure can be adjusted to the ball size.

All balls can be pressed at the same temperature of 113 °C for 8 seconds. The low temperature is important in order not to damage sensitive plastics or artificial leather.

We recommend a transfer size of up to 4×10 centimeters to ensure that the film lies smoothly on the curved ball surface.

For nubby basketballs we recommend a finish with the Grip rubber mat for an additional 5 seconds.

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