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Cover sheets

Cover sheets are used to prevent a vacuum between the transfer and the heating plate and to give the prints different surface structures and finishes. Furthermore, the cover sheets protect your heating plate and your textile from stains.

Cover sheet, non-stick coated

  • Particularly robust
  • Stains can be easily removed
  • does not absorb sublimation colour
  • achieves a slightly glossy finish and a delicate surface texture
  • 46 cm x 49 cm

Grip cover sheet

  • wax coated, not suitable for use with sublimation ink
  • Usually produces a matt surface finish
  • Each side can be used several times
  • ca. 40 x 50 cm

Grip rubber mat

  • This high-quality silicone sheet is ideal for printing on shoes and for beautifying sensitive textile surfaces (ATTENTION: the mat reduces your printing temperature by approx. 20°C, please note this when printing).
  • Leaves a slightly textured surface
  • 46 cm x 56 cm