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Topaz T51N


The Topaz T51-N is a versatile, mild solvent ink available in 5 litre bottles for optimum use in printers using 35pl-80pl print heads. This fast drying ink offers a high level of press stability ensuring uninterrupted printing for extended periods with very low maintenance requirements, resulting in increased productivity.

The Topaz T51-N ink is suitable for a wide range of self-adhesive and flexible substrates. This is due mainly to the ink chemistry, which consistently controls the placement of the drop on the media – thereby ensuring images can be repeated from one substrate to the next.

The Topaz T51-N combines the best possible image quality, with the most reliable and consistent

printing, roll after roll.


The Topaz T51-N series ink is designedusing high quality raw materials and process methods. Provided the inks are used in regular applications, using suitable substrates, the printed images will not fade unduly for at least 18 months.

NUtec inks are tested for light fastness according to the ISO 11341 specification, using Avery 1005

self-adhesive cast vinyl substrate.