Hotronix Air Fusion


The precise, safe and easy handling is the strength of this press, together with it’s automatic printing function. It is perfect for transfers which require a higher application pressure. Automatically swinging to the side, it can swing back again just by using the supplied foot pedal. Whether you are printing a thick sweatshirt or a standard t-shirt, the pressure will adjust automatically.    

With a height adjustable stand, it makes using the touch screen very easy when inputting the simple instructions to store printing programs. To store and retrieve different printing programs you can simply tap the touch screen, making it very easy and simple. The innovative new design of the lower platen and its mounting ensures that platens can be changed simply, and garments can be positioned very quickly and without fuss as there is no obstruction. This reduces production time enabling savings to be made. A compressor is required to operate the Press.

The Hotronix® Air Fusion™ (it will require an air compressor) is exclusive in offering the only auto-open, auto-swing heat press of its kind, providing innovative, patented features specifically to increase production volume whilst reducing operator fatigue. Perfect for  high volume and speciality decorators or for anyone looking to find the easiest but most effective way to heat print onto substrates.


You can input up to four different pre-programmed pressure and time settings. All you do is press a button and the press will automatically adjust the pressure to suit the thickness of the garment being printed. Never before has it been so easy to switch from printing burnout t-shirts to fleece lined sweatshirts. 


This press, the Air Fusion™, is the only press available that can be dressed freely as there are no obstructions. With its open design, it makes it easy to slide garments onto the press and then rotate them from front to back, or from side to side, as the graphics are applied.